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GatsbyJS is a great tool for building blog or document sites. It’s fast, well-documented, easy to study, and powered by GraphQL. As all we know, is made with GatsbyJS. And of course, for a documentation site, searching experience is a very important part. Gatsby give us a simple guide to add search with Algolia. But how about adding search to a i18n Gatsby site? No document, but not that hard. Let’s try it today.


  1. Basic knowledge of JavaScript and GatsbyJS.
  2. A multilingual site built with gatsby-plugin-i18n. If you don't have one, check this project instead.

Import Algolia

Almost every step in…

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Back in the 90s’ of the web, about all sites were static. But as web users grow, we want to display rich contents. Then comes up the new architecture — [Front -> Server -> DB] like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). WordPress is the one of the most famous. But time flyes, static sites are back! Why?

Why Static Sites

1. Speed. No doubt that static sites are extremely fast.

2. Security. No intermediary means low threat of code injection. No plugins means low worry of catching up the latest version to protect your dynamic site.

3. Low Price. FREE rocking hosting services…

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It is always said that documentation is as important as source code’s quality.

Without neat and tidy documentations, we’ll even forget how/why/what about the code we wrote couple of months before.

As components library grows bigger and bigger, storybook ( came out to take over the documentation problem. storybook is not new to react engineer.It’s easy enough to create a document site with storybook, and it successfully gained more than 30,000 stars and also being supported well by the community.

It seems that docz ( and docusaurus ( …

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